Maison Simmler
1, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville - 68590 Saint-Hippolyte - Alsace / France
N°TVA : 83380751925

Discover the Wine estate Maison Simmler in Alsace / France 

The Simmler House ,  wine estate in  Alsace in St Hippolyte, welcomes you to its "tasting cellar" and will present you its production from the 7  Alsace grapes varieties. You will learn the profession of winegrower and the culture of the wine.

Wine Estate Simmler : Winegrowers over several generation

The Simmler winery is located in the hearth of the village of Saint Hippolyte, in the Haut-Rhin region of Alsace in France. The house was probably built in 1768, but the date 1700 still appears on a older construction.

The passion for the profession of winegrower has been shared for several generations. It was his grandfather "Jules Simmler", then his father "Maurice Simmler", that the winemaking part took on its full importance, notably with the introduction of the Pinot Noir grape variety which made the reputation of the village with its famous wine : "Saint Hippolyte Rouge

The winery, now run by Nicolas SIMMLER, continues to develop, perpetuating the family tradition.

"Times goes, generations follow one another, but the family identity lives on through  the transmission of values, gestures and a great respect for our ancerstors, who have contribuated to built the company..... ""by Nicolas SIMMLER


Discovering the tasting cellar

Would you like a convivial moment around the tasting of exceptional grape varieties ? 

Nicolas and Sylviane invite you in their tasting cellar of their wine estate in Alsace. Founded in the 1970s facing the wine Alsace road, they welcome all lovers of oenological discoveries.

After training at the Rouffach Wine Schlool, Nicolas Simmler took over the estate in 1996, perpetuating the transmission of values dear to the family identity of the vineyard. He has since acquired a reputation bases on the quality of his wines, wich are produces with moderate yields and a deep respect for the soll.

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Wine growing : tradition and respect for the environment

The Simmler estate cultivates 7 hectares, spread over 4 communes (Saint-Hippolyte, Bergheim, Chatenois and Rorschwihr).  These allow the blending of "granite" and" clay-limestone" soils, giving birth to all 7 alsatian grape varieties, and also the late Harvest and the Selection of Grains Nobles.

" The last few years have led us  to be more respectful of our environment. For 10 years, we have been practicing a method of cultivation " reasoned".   We preserve the natural balance of the soil by ploughing, sodding every row, adding natural manure and thus favouring the microbiological life essential to the good health of the vine.  

 All our works is done manually from pruning to harvest.

It's from January that we determine our future harvest. Depending on the soil and the grape varieties, we practice a pruning called " en Guyot", on 1/2 arcure for Pinot Noir and on 1 or 2 arcures for the other grape varieties.


Epemprage (removal of "pampres",  "gourmand" of the vine) is done entirely by hand, without using chemical. 

The palissage (1er passage) is done by hand to sort and bring in the vegetation necessery for the sugar supply. The second  passage is tamped and trimmed by machine, on a height bof about 2 meters.

Our phytosanitary treatmens during this period are carried by reasoned control with the use of contact products. 

L’ effeuillage, and  taille en vert, are caried out manually at the end of August or even at the beginning of September. This is the last stretch before the harvest. This important step is to eliminate the still green bunches, the overload of grapes and leaves. This long and meticulous work gives the harvest its concentration in aroma and sugar. This technique remains, to my opinion, an essential element in the control of yields and the elaboration of a quality wine 

The harvest is carried out manually over a period of 1 month so that each grape variety obtains optimal ripeness. 

Our vinification in the cellar is carried out in the purest tradition. No stabilizers or chemical additives are added.

Thanks to this long work the Simmler House offers you, years after years, quality products appreciated by all....


For any thurther information contact  your winegrower located in Saint-Hippolyte.

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